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Financing Company Cars

Financing Company Cars

Let’s face the facts: you didn’t end up on a fleet solutions website because your current company cars are making you tons of money. Reality is, even the most profitable businesses are bleeding hard-earned funds when it comes to financing company cars. On top of draining cash flow, owning your cars, vans, and trucks under your business name—or reimbursing employees who drive their own vehicles—can be a detrimental liability, ultimately resulting in nightmares of paperwork.

There’s an Easier Way to Finance Vehicles

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Ewald Fleet Solutions knows how to save you money. WE ARE the easier way to finance vehicles. For something as seemingly complex as commercial vehicle financing, majority of auto dealers want to take advantage of small numbers which add up to big numbers annually. Business owners and/or managers like you see the cold hard details at the end of each year and realize how much is being lost. Use our simple fuel savings calculator to see how much loss your business is currently accumulating in gas prices alone.

How Much Will it Cost to Finance New Company Cars?

The price to finance new company cars will vary depending on what kind of vehicle you drive. Ewald Fleet Solutions has over 50 years of phenomenal customer service, always putting your needs first. If you contact us, we will give you a quick estimate for how much financial savings you will experience by switching to us.

Here are some of our most popular vehicles selected for fleets of company cars:

Chevy Colorado
Chevy Equinox
Chevy Express
Chevrolet Silverado
Dodge Ram
Ford Escape
Ford Explorer Ford F-Series
Ford Fusion
Ford Transit
Ford Taurus
Ford Transit Connect
Nissan Altima
Nissan NV2500
Ram ProMaster
Toyota Camry
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