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Complimentary Fleet Analysis for busines

Fleet Vehicle Selection

Executive Fleet Vehicles

Ewald Fleet Solutions can supplement your company fleet program with specialized executive cars and services. Our red-carpet approach to executive vehicle leasing makes handling your unique requests, options and needs hassle free; from selection through delivery.  We do the shopping around, securing all applicable incentives, negotiate pricing on your behalf, and deliver the vehicle turnkey to your office.

Sales Team Fleet Vehicles

Besides the cost savings over reimburesment or car allowances, providing your sales team with company vehicles offers many additional benefits.  Company vehicles are seen as an employee perk, and allow employees to reduce wear and tear on their personal vehicles.  You have control over the vehicles that are selected, allowing you to control your costs and maintain your company image.  Safe and reliable vehicles keep your sales team in front of your customers and increase their productivity, therefore increasing your profits!


Large Vehicle Selection of Cars, Trucks and Vans for Your Fleet

Fleet vehicle selectionVehicle selection is an important part of building your fleet.

Whether you’re looking for fuel economy, targeted resale value, style or specific budget we'll build a vehicle selector list for you. Our non-bias approach to helping you find the best vehicle for your needs includes looking at all makes and models typical to commercial fleet leasing applications.

Best of all, we update this selection for you every model year. It's that simple.


Acura – Corporate Acura Leasing at EWALD

Acura Corporate Lease Lease Acura Fleet Vehicles

Acura’s seven models are some of the finest cars in the world. In addition to leasing Acura vehicles, Ewald Fleet Solutions is proud to offer wonderful, previously-leased cars for sale. If you want a fleet vehicle for lease or sale, an Acura MDX, RDX or RLX is a solid choice, sure to provide you with many years of excellent performance. Whenever corporate vehicles for sale are discussed, Acura is one of the most in-demand luxury vehicle makes provided by EFS. It's time you drive to impress!

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Audi – A Fleet Car For Lease is Waiting!

Audi Corporate Lease Lease Audi Fleet Vehicles

When any model Audi is described, superlatives abound. With an Audi fleet car for lease or sale, you’re assured of uncompromising design, cutting-edge technology and exhilarating performance. Ewald Fleet Solutions is always pleased to offer Audis as one of our fleet cars for lease. Even as a fleet vehicle available to you for sale, Audi is always breaking new ground. Contact Ewald Fleet Solutions today and get all the details of an Audi fleet car for sale with superb design and engineering along with outstanding performance.Back to Top

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BMW – Lease Corporate BMWs from Ewald’s Luxury Fleet Vehicle Line

BMW Corporate LeaseLease BMW Fleet Vehicles

“BMW.” Three letters to spell “excellence” all over the world. Ewald Fleet Solutions is pleased to offer BMWs – some of our finest fleet cars for lease (and often for sale). These corporate vehicles for sale are each a wonderful value, offering excellent mileage, superb performance and beautiful design. Certainly, BMW models exemplify quality. With each leased car we sell, For luxury engineering – and truly great people – you'll only find our brand of values at Ewald Fleet Solutions!Back to Top


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BUICK – Fleet Buicks For Lease Offer Great Value at Ewald

Buick Corporate Lease

Lease Buick Fleet Vehicles

Buick has long been a touchstone for American auto manufacturing excellence. Our entire line of leased vehicles for sale at Ewald Fleet Solutions is enhanced by our outstanding line of Buicks. Tremendously popular as lease vehicles, Buicks are attractive, roomy and dependable. You'll be assured of getting more than you expect for your money. Buick offers a great selection of vehicles. There&'s one which is perfect for you. Contact the leased car professionals at Ewald Fleet Solutions for the best pre-owned car values in Wisconsin!Back to Top

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CADILLAC – A Leased Cadillac is Still a Watchword for Luxury

Cadillac Corporate LeaseLease Cadillac Fleet Vehicles

Prestige is available in every corporate Cadillac available for lease at Ewald Fleet Solutions. You'll be completely surrounded by quality. Cadillac leased vehicles for sale also provide a value which is more than economic. You'll be driving a car which has always been synonymous with leadership and success. Cadillac SUVs are setting new standards for excellence. For a value far beyond your expectations, contact Ewald Fleet Solutions to purchase an exciting, luxurious leased Cadillac. Prestige has never been more enjoyable and affordable!Back to Top

Contact Ewald Fleet Solutions for leasing a luxury fleet of corporate Cadillacs.

CHEVROLET – Leased Chevrolets are Big Sellers at Ewald

Chevrolet Corporate Lease






Lease Chevy Fleet Vehicles

From the roaring Chevrolet Colorado or Chevy Silverado to the top-notch preventative safety features on the Chevrolet Equinox, Chevrolet always invites you to a great driving experience. Ewald Fleet Solutions is proud to offer like-new Chevrolet leased cars for sale. Each Chevy model has a lot to offer – coupes, sedans, hatchbacks, sub-compacts and more, like Chevy Express cargo vans. Purchasing a leased Chevrolet from Ewald Fleet Solutions is always a smart driving choice. Minivans, SUVs, passenger vans, pickup trucks – Chevrolet has them all! Contact Ewald Fleet Solutions for an affordable and efficient Chevrolet.Back to Top

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CHRYSLER – Leased Chrysler Cars and Trucks from Ewald

Chrysler Corporate Lease Lease Chrysler Fleet Vehicles

Ride-quality, handling, performance – all are hallmarks for the Chrysler line of leased vehicles for sale at Ewald Fleet Solutions. With a complete line of leased vehicles for sale, Chrysler models from Ewald Fleet Solutions include minivans, sport utility vehicles, cargo and passenger vans, pickup trucks, and cab and chassis trucks with mounted boxes, service, or stake bodies. You name it, Chrysler has it.  When it comes to fleet vehicles for sale, Chrysler cars, trucks and vans represent some of the finest values you’ll find in Wisconsin.Back to Top

Contact Ewald Fleet Solutions today for the perfect Chrysler answer to your corporate leasing needs.

DODGE – Big Selection of Leased Dodge Vehicles at Ewald

Dodge Corporate LeaseLease Dodge Fleet Vehicles

Dodge cars and trucks have earned a wonderful reputation for quality, durability and performance. Leased Dodge cars and trucks for sale are a superb combination of performance and value. Ewald Fleet Solutions knows Chrysler cars and trucks are some of our most popular leased vehicles. Tell us what type of Dodge you want and we’ll find the perfect vehicle for you. The list of famous names is endless – Dodge Ram Trucks, Challenger, Charger. Dodge fleet vehicles for lease are everything you’d ever want for a smooth ride, a solid performance, and a great look.Back to Top

Contact Ewald Fleet Solutions today for the perfect leased Dodge vehicle for you!

FORD – Lease Fleet Cars at Ewald

Ford Corporate LeaseLease Ford Fleet Vehicles

The Ford line-up of cars and trucks couldn’t be more impressive. They provide exactly what you’re looking for – fuel economy, technology, safety and outstanding performance. These corporate vehicles and fleet cars from Ford feature innovative design, dramatic interiors and superb performance. Ewald Fleet Solutions is extremely pleased to offer a wide array of Ford leased vehicles for sale, including Ford Transits, Transit Connect company vans, and Econoline vans. SUVs include the Ford Escape and the Ford Explorer, while popular sedans are the Ford Fusion and Ford Taurus business leases. The lease car experts at Ewald Fleet Solutions will find the exact Ford model to meet all of your driving needs, even if its a Ford F-Series company truck.Back to Top

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GMC – Corporate Cars and Trucks for Lease and Sale

GMC Corporate LeaseLease GMC Fleet Vehicles

General Motors leased cars for sale at Ewald Fleet Solutions come in all shapes and sizes – Terrain, Acadia, Sierra, Yukon, Savana. There’s one which is perfect for you. At an extra-affordable price with a leased vehicle, the value is unbeatable. GMC trucks are extremely popular, with the power to do any job. General Motors offers a full line of trucks, SUVs, crossovers and vans.  When you purchase a used car from Ewald Fleet Solutions, you’re assured of an excellently-maintained leased or used GMC car or truck, in like-new condition – safe to drive and delivering terrific performance.Back to Top

Call the GMC leasing staff at 888-673-3461

HONDA – Leased Car, Van or Truck from Ewald Fleet Solutions

Honda Corporate LeaseLease Honda Fleet Vehicles

Honda offers a comprehensive array of dependable, top-mileage cars to provide dependable performance for years to come. Coupes, sedans, trucks, SUVs, CUVs, minivans, hybrids – Honda quality is recognized throughout the automotive industry. Honda Accord and Odyssey were named Best Family Cars for 2014 by Parents Magazine and Edmunds.com. Ewald Fleet Solutions is pleased to offer a wide selection of Honda cars, trucks and vans – all affordable, cost effective and long-lasting. For great performance and excellent value, the leased car experts at Ewald Fleet Solutions will let you lease or purchase an attractive and affordable Honda vehicle.Back to Top

Contact our Honda corporate fleet experts for leased cars, vans, and trucks.

HYUNDAI – Leased Hyundai Vehicles for Sale at Ewald Offer Great Value

Hyundai Corporate LeaseLease Hyundai Fleet Vehicles

Hyundai vehicles are dependable, durable and efficient, sure to deliver long-lasting top performance and excellent MPG. The 2014 J.D. Power Initial Quality Survey had a lot of nice things to say about Hyundai: Accent – "Highest Ranked Small Car in Initial Quality," Elantra – "Highest Ranked Compact Car in Initial Quality," and Genesis – "Highest Ranked Midsize Premium Car in Initial Quality Two Years in a Row." A leased vehicle from Hyundai delivers one of the best values in Wisconsin. The lease car and truck experts at Ewald Fleet Solutions are the very finest opportunity to purchase an affordable corporate vehicle for sale. Back to Top

Contact a Hyundai vehicle leasing professional at Ewald.

INFINITI – Luxury Vehicles Offer “Infinite Value” at Ewald

Infiniti Corporate Lease

Lease Infiniti Fleet Vehicles

Infiniti vehicles are award winning high-performance luxury cars, including the all-new Q50 & Q50 Hybrid sedans. Leased Inifiniti cars are consistently rated highly for performance, cutting-edge design and safety. Now these almost-like-new leased models can be yours at affordable prices from Ewald Fleet Solutions. These fleet vehicles for sale are tremendous values. You just aren’t going to find corporate vehicles for lease or sale at the same prices from other locations. There’s more.  Ewald Fleet Solutions provides the best values on high quality leased cars. When an older model car is discontinued from our fleet leasing programs, we put them up for sale – carefully driven and wonderfully maintained. Contact Ewald Fleet Solutions today for a superb value on leasing or purchasing Infiniti vehicles.Back to Top

Reach our luxury vehicle leasing service at 888-673-3461

JEEP – Leased Jeep Vehicles from Ewald Fleet Solutions

Jeep Corporate LeaseLease Jeep Fleet Vehicles

Jeep has been a legend for seven decades. Now Ewald Fleet Solutions are offering legendary Jeep values on a complete line of SUVs & Crossovers. In a Jeep, you can literally go anywhere and do anything. Whatever go-anywhere dream you have, Jeep has the answer – Compass, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Patriot and Wrangler. Whether it’s the open road or trails off the beaten path, a leased Jeep from Contact the lease car and truck experts at Ewald Fleet Solutions for the perfect Jeep to meet your exact driving needs.Back to Top

Contact our Jeep corporate vehicle specialists today.

KIA – Leased Vehicles are Great Values at Ewald

Kia Corporate LeaseLease Kia Fleet Vehicles

Kia offers an exceptional line of cars, SUVs, crossovers and minivans. It’s one of the finest lines of cars for value – the Cadenza premium sedan, Sportage & Sorento SUVs, Forte, Rio & Soul crossovers, Sedona minivan. All cutting edge. All top-quality. All excellent performers. When you purchase a leased Kia vehicle from Ewald Fleet Solutions, you know you’re in for a driving experience which is economical, safe and smooth. Quality is designed into every nook and cranny. Back to Top

Contact us today for the leased Kia vehicle which is perfect for you.

LEXUS – is Luxury – Even When You Purchase a Leased Car

Lexus Corporate LeaseLease Lexus Fleet Vehicles

The Lexus lineup is outstanding, including luxury sedans, SUVs, hybrids and convertibles. These excellent fleet vehicles for lease and sale are some of the finest we offer at Ewald Fleet Solutions. Each is a wonderful value – economical, safe, high-performing and cost effective. You get a tremendous value for your investment. Lexus is the luxury vehicle division of Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corporation and it shows in everything they do. When you buy a leased Lexus from Ewald Fleet Solutions, you’re sure to get more than you bargained for – and we mean it in the best sense of the words!Back to Top

Call our corporate Lexus leasing staff at 888-673-3461

LINCOLN – Leased Lincoln Vehicles at Ewald

Lincoln Corporate LeaseLease Lexus Fleet Vehicles

Lincoln is Ford's luxury division, and it’s improving all the time. A leased Lincoln vehicle from Ewald Fleet Solutions is sure to be comfortable, attractive and luxurious. Lincoln has a long history of designing and manufacturing upscale vehicles. Lincoln always augments its vehicles with wonderful luxury features, powerful engines and gorgeous styling. Buying a leased Lincoln from Ewald Fleet Solutions is sure to result in a fabulous driving experience. You’ll get a tremendous amount for your money.  A like-new Lincoln will be a dream to drive for years to come.Back to Top

Contact a fleet leasing specialist at Ewald for ultimate reliability.

MAZDA – Leased Mazda Vehicles from Ewald Fleet Solutions

Mazda Corporate LeaseLease Mazda Fleet Vehicles

“The Mazda Way” is the fabulous corporate commitment of the Mazda Corporation to provide revolutionary design and skillful manufacturing. In addition to our leasing fleet services, Ewald Fleet Solutions is always pleased to offer these wonderful leased cars for sale. Mazda vehicles are in a class by themselves. A Mazda vehicle – now available to you as a corporate vehicle for sale – is an unexceeded value. Ewald Fleet Solutions has the finest selection of leased and used cars and trucks in Wisconsin. There’s more. Back to Top

For the exact Mazda you want, contact our lease car specialists.

MERCEDES – A Leased (Affordable!) Mercedes from Ewald

Mercedes Corporate LeaseLease Mercedes Fleet Vehicles

When we get a leased Mercedes at Ewald Fleet Solutions, it always goes fast. Mercedes-Benz is a worldwide phenomenon. When it comes to quality, engineering and design, nothing beat a Mercedes – especially one which has been carefully driven, closely maintained and double-checked to be like-new. Mercedes always combines luxury and performance – both taken to a maximum degree. Sedans, SUVs, coupes, roadsters, convertibles – each is a wonderful combination is technology and beauty.  If you’ve always wanted a Mercedes, here’s your chance! Contact the leased car professionals at Ewald Fleet Solutions.Back to Top

Speak with one of our corporate Mercedes leasing service reps at 888-673-3461

NISSAN – Leased Cars and Trucks Available at Ewald

Nissan Corporate LeaseLease Nissan Fleet Vehicles

Nissan is one of the world’s best cars and it has the awards to prove it. Design, engineering, safety – all are hallmarks of these wonderful cars. Ewald Fleet Solutions knows why so many people want to lease a Nissan…and why so many people want to purchase these leased Nissans when the lease is up. The line of quality is almost endless – Versa, Sentra, Maxima, Roadster, or Altima vehicle lease. The whole world has come to expect the latest designs and engineering from Nissan. Ewald Fleet Solutions always looks forward to offering wonderful leased cars and trucks from Nissan because the demand is so high.  We’ll make your driving dreams come true!Back to Top

Contact the leased car experts at Ewald Fleet Solutions for a Nissan car or truck.

RAM – “Ram Tough” Leased Dodge Ram Trucks Available from Ewald

Ram Corporate LeaseLease Dodge Ram Fleet Vehicles

Dodge Trucks have a well-earned reputation for durability, toughness and power. This is a proud, award-winning line of Dodge trucks which are exceptional values as leased trucks for sale. Ewald Fleet Solutions is pleased to offer these sturdy, well-designed and excellently engineered trucks. A leased Dodge Ram Truck or Ram ProMaster company van is always an exceptional value, providing excellent performance, dependability and quality. Don’t miss these outstanding values at Ewald Fleet Solutions.Back to Top

Contact our Ram vehicle leasing service today.

SUBARU – A Leased Subaru is Always Popular at Ewald

Subaru Corporate Lease Lease Subaru Fleet Vehicles

A Subaru isn’t just a leased car for sale. It’s a Subaru! Ewald Fleet Solutions always has a strong demand to offer these energy-efficient, stylish and safe corporate vehicles for lease. In fact, their safety rating is extremely high. When the lease runs out, these cars are put up for sale after extensive safety checks. These leased cars for sale are in like-new condition, meticulously maintained. You’ll enjoy a wonderful driving experience which is quite a deal. A leased Subaru is the type of car-buying value which is only available from the leased car professionals at Ewald Fleet Solutions. Back to Top

Contact our Subaru leased vehicle providers now.

Tesla – Lease Tesla Vehicles from Ewald

Tesla Fleet LeasingLease Tesla Fleet Vehicles

Tesla’s latest models like the 2017 Tesla Model S, 2017 Tesla Model X, and 2017 Tesla Model 3 comprise what could be the most revolutionary line of cars anyone has ever driven. Ewald Fleet Solutions would be proud to lease Tesla vehicles to your business. If you want a fleet vehicle that's chargeable via groundbreaking technology and will never run on overly expensive gas, ordering Tesla company cars is the way to go. As long as you have to provide corporate cars, vans, or trucks, why not make those company cars luxurious and cost-effective?Back to Top

Contact our Tesla business leasing service today.

TOYOTA – Leased Company Cars at Ewald

Toyota Corporate LeaseLease Toyota Fleet Vehicles

Ewald Fleet Solutions also does big business leasing Toyotas for fleet operations. These economical, safe cars and trucks are always in demand. Now you can buy one of the well-maintained, like-new leased Toyotas at terrific prices. The value is incredible and so is the performance. You’ll enjoy low operating costs, roomy comfort and a quiet, smooth and powerful ride. Toyotas are well-designed with real beauty on both the interior and exterior. The experts at Ewald Fleet Solutions can help you find the exact Toyota model you need to meet your every driving expectations. Ewald backs all Toyota cars (like Toyota Camry company cars) or trucks with coverage on the Engine, Transmission and Drive Axle. Back to Top

Contact our corporate Toyota vehicle leasing team today.

VOLKSWAGEN – Leased Cars Offered by Ewald

Volkswagen Corporate Lease Lease Volkswagen Fleet Vehicles

Volkswagen has always been a world-famous vehicle for high-gas mileage and low maintenance costs. Now the company has made innovation after innovation, designing stylish models to impress even the most discriminating buyer. Innovation is seen everywhere. Few people know Volkswagen has sold more turbos than any other brand over the last ten years. Now the entire lineup is turbocharged. The result is superb mileage coupled with excellent performance.  Ewald Fleet Solutions provides the best deal on Volkswagens for sale or lease. You’ll enjoy the best possible combination of economy, performance and design.Back to Top

For national Volkswagen leasing services, contact Ewald Fleet Solutions.

VOLVO – Leasing Value Available at Ewald Fleet Solutions

Volvo Corporate Lease Lease Volvo Fleet Vehicles

Volvo continues to amaze the world with innovative engineering, exquisite design and dependable performance. These high-mileage cars and trucks are a dream come true. As leased vehicles for sale, you’ll enjoy getting this world renowned quality at an exception price. These autos are corporate cars for sale. Each has been meticulously maintained and fully inspected with a comprehensive analysis by our expert technicians. Back to Top

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