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Dodge County Fleet Management

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Quality Corporate Vehicles and Leasing

Dodge County WIAt Ewald Fleet Solutions, our Dodge County fleet management professionals offer you every possible benefit when it comes to leasing business cars or leasing work trucks. Great prices, great vehicles, great customer service, great financing – it’s all yours with Ewald.

Our Dodge County fleet services team has decades of hands-on fleet management experience. We know the business from top to bottom. Over the years, Ewald has developed solid relationships throughout the industry. This enables us to secure whatever is needed to meet your fleet requirements. Also, our nationwide network of sources helps us keep you up to date on the latest trends and breakthroughs in fleet management. We’ll keep you current on everything. 

Watertown Fleet Lease Price Advantages Are Yours

Dodge County companies know what they want when it comes to leasing a corporate vehicle. Whether it’s one vehicle or a hundred, companies in Watertown want top resale value and a top-quality corporate image. There are affordably priced options for you, even including some of the greatest models including Audi, Acura, Buick, BMW and many others. We know affordability is a prime concern, so we arrange for the lowest costs and then pass the savings on to you. Ewald does a lot of business so we have excellent purchasing power.

In Hartford, Fleet Financing Vehicles Are Never a Problem

In Dodge County, Hartford business executives know every aspect of the lease arrangement is important. This is especially true in the area of financing. Dodge County leasing specialists at Ewald Fleet Solutions can develop a full range of carefully-tailored financing options for your fleet. You can choose an open-end lease, closed-end lease, one-pay lease or even a self-funded lease. Our Dodge County fleet car professionals have decades of practical financing experience and will put together whatever you need. You will work with skilled, experienced financing professionals who will do what you want…and do it the way you want.

Lease a Work Truck in Dodge CountyDodge County Work Truck Fleet Leasing

Owning and maintaining a fleet of work trucks is a full-time job. Save time and money by leasing your fleet of work trucks with Ewald Fleet Solutions. We offer custom upfitting and custom vehicle wraps so you can get the job done and look great doing it. Dodge County businesses turn to Ewald Fleet Solutions, one of the best truck leasing companies around.

Work Truck Fleet Leasing

Work Van Fleet Leasing

Lease Passenger Vans in Dodge CountyDodge County Passenger Van Leasing

Buying used passenger vans for your fleet might seem like the most affordable option, but maintenance costs, depreciation costs and the hassle of managing a patchwork fleet add up. Lease a newer fleet for less with Ewald Fleet Solutions. Our passenger van fleet leasing services are tailored to your business. Whether you need 30 12 passenger vans with custom graphics, or you just need to add passenger vans to your current fleet, Ewald is here to help.

Passenger Van Fleet Leasing

Contact our Dodge County car leasing specialists today for professional fleet management.
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