Company Cars for Nurses

Company Cars for Nurses

By providing company cars for those within the medical industry, Ewald effectively serves Registered Nurses all over the United States. It doesn’t matter if the nurse works for a large healthcare company or is an independent contractor, either type of RN can and will benefit from the business vehicle plan Ewald Fleet Solutions provides.

Spending Too Much on Standard Mileage Rates?

Across the country there are thousands upon thousands of nurses who rely on their vehicle daily to get from home to home, hour to hour, as they tend to their list of patients needing care. Majority of these nurses use their own cars and are then reimbursed the Standard Mileage Rate set annually by the IRS (in 2017, this number was 53.5 cents per mile).

Home Healthcare Partnerships with Wisconsin’s Ewald

With an average service-call RN having to repeatedly travel from location to location throughout a single work day, he/she can easily rack up more than 100 miles. Over the course of a year, this might end up totaling tens of thousands of dollars paid out in expenses, just for one nurse!

Say Goodbye to Costly Reimbursements

Most medical providers shell out these massive reimbursements because they don’t see how to avoid a demanding headache that will require unwanted time consumption on their part. Truth is, hiring Ewald as the solution for your new fleet will put your nurses in newer, more reliable cars.

Skip the DIY Fleet Software

Ewald sees to it your business receives discounts on fuel with exclusive cards usable in all 50 states. On top of this, Ewald seamlessly sets up your GPS tracking system so you never have to worry about a nurse going MIA. You receive all of the benefits without the hassle of annoying DIY fleet software.

Ready for a simple phone call to drastically reduce your travel payout expenses? We thought so. Contact our Fleet Leasing Reps today to begin making the future easier...and more profitable!
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