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Company Cars for Sales Reps

Company Cars for Sales Reps

For over 50 years, the people at Ewald Fleet Solutions have successfully provided company cars for sales reps from coast to coast. Looking after a full team of sales reps traversing the United States from New York to California can more often than not be a frustrating and time-consuming aspect of running a business. Wouldn’t it be nice to focus more on managing other areas of your company that unleash true profitability?

Stop continuing to burden yourself with endless hassle. Stop bleeding your business’s money. Turnkey fleet solutions is far from being an empty promise; transforming your fleet vehicles into a smooth and easy process is the completely FULL promise where we take on all of the pain for you.

Mileage Reimbursement vs. Company Cars

One minor issue we often face when implementing our superior system of company cars is how to prevent employee morale from going down. See, a substantial number of sales reps view mileage reimbursement—of over 50 cents a mile as set by the IRS’ Standard Mileage Rate—as a separate form of income. Truth is, your employees will be driving nicer, newer cars, SUVs, vans, or trucks and will never have to worry about their own vehicle maintenance ever again. The employee system for expenses will also be endlessly convenient. Meanwhile, your annual cost of operating a fleet will plummet. How wonderful does that sound?

Fuel Cards and GPS Tracking Add an Extra Security Blanket for Your Business

With your sales reps out servicing our great 50 states, you will no doubt need a concise way for them to keep track of expenses. That’s where we come in, providing fuel cars to neatly organize all gas purchases and even consistently receive discounts on fuel (yes, in all 50 states). Our built-in GPS tracking services add an extra security blanket for your business as well, so vehicles never go missing. Likewise, you have proof every employee is exactly where he/she needs to be.

Leave the Fleet Software to Your Vehicle Provider

True, fleet software is out there for you to purchase. Also true is that by making that purchase you would only be adding on to your stressful list of things to worry about. Rather than figure out costly DIY fleet software programs, let your preferred vehicle provider Ewald handle everything for you.

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The excuses have reached their bitter end. If you’ve read the above, you know you’re ready to dump the burden of managing your own fleet and embrace the cost savings that come with newer vehicles.

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