Small Business Fleet Leasing

Ewald Fleet Solutions helps small businesses across the nation find fleet leasing solutions. The advantage of Ewald Fleet Solutions is our comprehensive service, jaw-dropping savings and flexible small business fleet management plans. Our team of experts will analyze your vehicle needs, locations, and trends to create a custom solution for your company.

Ewald offers a variety of services to manage all your fleet needs and save YOU money:

  • Fleet Financing
  • Maintenance and Fuel Management
  • Leasing vs Buying
  • GPS Solutions
  • Vehicle Selection
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Acquisition & Delivery
  • Vehicle Resale
  • Fleet Vehicle Upfitting

We save you money on your vehicle services so you can invest more into your business! Contractors constantly on the move should consider reading our 6 reasons to lease work trucks.

Contact our fleet managers to find out how much money you can be saving!

What is a Fleet Vehicle?

A fleet vehicle is defined as a car, truck or van used by a business for business use. Fleet vehicles come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on your business needs.

Ewald Fleet Solutions works with businesses to help find the most cost efficient fleet vehicle solutions that meet their needs. We offer leasing options on nearly all fleet vehicle brands.

:Small Business Fleet Care Services & Management

Our expert fleet management professionals are trained to ask you the right questions about your fleet operation. Once we have conducted our analysis, we are able to evaluate which fleet vehicles and management options are best for your company.

We would be happy to talk to you about all your fleet options today. Contact us for more information!

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