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Midsize vs Small Business Fleet Leasing

Ewald vs the Competition

Small Business Fleet Leasing - Less than 14 Vehicles

Ewald Offers:

  • Pay for what you use approach - pay for services you need
  • Access to any vehicle
  • Available Lease Plan and Fleet Telematics software
  • Reps who know you by your name, not your account number

Competitors Offer:

  • A big fee for little service
  • Limited vehicle selection
  • No software beyond mileage reporting
  • A different rep every time you call... and you'll need to call a lot
Midsize Business Fleet Leasing - More than 15 Vehicles

Ewald Offers:

  • Pay for what you use approach - get the services you want
  • Fast turntimes on new vehicle additions
  • Access to enterprise level services like Lease Plan
  • Reps who wont sell you something your business doesn't need

Competitors Offer:

  • Pay for more services and software than you could ever use
  • Outrageously slow turntimes on new vehicles
  • Access to enterprise level services... but only if you have 100+ vehicles
  • Reps who are a little too eager to help you upgrade your fleet

Affordable, Personalized Fleet Management for your BusinessSmall Business Fleet Management Solutions

Many fleet management companies segment their clients into groups based on their size and profitability. Large clients get access to the best services while small businesses fall by the wayside. That's not how Ewald does business. All of our clients, large and small businesses alike, have access to the best fleet management services we can provide. Our pay for what you use approach means exactly that - we won't sell you something you don't want or need or restrict your access to something because you're "too small" to benefit. If you want detailed fleet telematics and fuel management plans you can have them, if you don't you don't - simple as that.

Businesses who choose Ewald get so much more than a nameless representative or some software. Ewald Fleet Solutions offers a teammate - a quarterback who will stick with your team and help you make the right call. We take great pride in our representative tenure and client retention with some of our clients having the same representative for more than 20 years. If you want a teammate who will stick with you and help you make the right call, if you want to work with fleet managers who will help your business grow, if you want to work with the best name in the business, contact us for a free fleet analysis.

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Small Business Fleet Leasing with Ewald

Small businesses with less than 14 vehicles often handle their fleet management internally, either because they are unaware of the management programs available to control and reduce expenses, or because they are discouraged by the high prices at other fleet management companies. Using a firm like Ewald to manage your fleet frees up labor and cash flow so you can go back to running your business. Our pay for what you use approach helps you reduce the overall cost of managing your fleet by forgoing unnecessary expenses.

Midsize Business Fleet Management with Ewald

If you manage your fleet of 15 or more vehicles internally it could cost more than you think. For every 10 vehicles in your fleet you likely spend over $100,000 annually on depreciation, maintenance, fuel and insurance - this doesn't include the cost of employing someone to manage and track everything. If a large fleet management company currently handles your fleet leasing you might find they are slow to react to your needs and charge too much for services you don't want. Many clients come to us from other fleet management companies and are at their wit's end - fed up with slow turntimes and overpriced services.

Ewald Fleet Solutions specializes in helping growing companies that have small to midsize fleets of 15-100 vehicles. We are quick to react when our clients need a new vehicle, and we don't sell them services they don't need or want. You get access to incredible services and software normally reserved for massive businesses - but only if you want them.

Ewald's Small Business Fleet Management Services

With our account team approach, we make small business fleet management seamless and affordable, allowing you to focus on what you do best!

Small Business Fleet Leasing Services from Ewald

Contact Ewald Fleet Solutions for more information on small business fleet management or for a free fleet analysis.


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