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Those who live and work in Appleton, Wisconsin might be 30 miles from Green Bay and within reach of New London and Brillion, but they’re every bit the genuine residents of “America’s Dairyland” as anyone else in the state, With over 50 years of financing company cars under our belts, hundreds of Wisconsin businesses already trust Ewald Fleet Solutions to handle their fleets of business vehicles.

Running a fleet in-house can be a tricky endeavor. Either you waste time managing vehicles while pulling your hair out or you delegate the task to an employee requiring a full salary. Truth is, we provide that special easier way to get corporate car leasing, saving both money and valuable time. Businesses who choose to use their time more effectively turn to Ewald Fleet Solutions when they need to lease a work truck or company car. 

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Companies Save Money Leasing Our Cars, Vans, and Trucks

If you’re an Appleton business, whether a medical provider, roofer, brewery, anybody with employees who drive while on the job (the list goes on and on), one of the main advantages of using Ewald Fleet Solutions is we are located right in your state. Our fleet leasing team will gladly meet with you in person, face-to-face, rather than routing you through a corporate form template. Our service doesn't stop there: fleet management keeps your vehicles maintained with oil changes, tire rotations, and more. With our offices being in Waukesha, WI, our direct promise to companies is you will save money leasing our cars, vans, and/or trucks.

Lease a Work Truck in Appleton

Owning and maintaining a fleet of work trucks is a full-time job. Save time and money by leasing your fleet of work trucks with Ewald Fleet Solutions. We offer custom upfitting and custom vehicle wraps so you can get the job done and look great doing it. Appleton businesses turn to Ewald Fleet Solutions, one of the best truck leasing companies around.

Truck Leasing in Appleton

Lease Passenger Vans

Buying used passenger vans for your fleet might seem like the most affordable option, but maintenance costs, depreciation costs and the hassle of managing a patchwork fleet add up. Lease a newer fleet for less with Ewald Fleet Solutions. Our passenger van fleet leasing services are tailored to your business. Whether you need 30 12 passenger vans with custom graphics, or you just need to add passenger vans to your current fleet, Ewald is here to help.

Passenger Van Fleet Leasing

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