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Ewald Fleet Solutions offers businesses in Dayton, Mansfield, Springfield, and all of the Columbus, OH area the best deals on commercial work trucks, cars, and cargo vans in the midwest. Ewald Fleet Solutions offers:

Fleet Leasing Overview

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Commercial Truck, Van, & Car Leasing

Ewald Fleet Solutions has vehicles on the ground in over 48 states. We have over 5 decades of financing commercial fleet vehicles for a variety of midwestern-based businesses. For reliable company car leasing and management, we update our leased fleet selection to better serve our customers.

Columbus, OH Work Truck Leasing

Managing a fleet of commercial trucks and vehicles is a full-time job. Instead of paying a full-time employee, let Ewald Fleet Solutions handle it. Known as one of the most trusted fleet leasing and management companies in the midwest, Ewald Fleet solutions is a truck leasing company with stellar deals. If you're a Columbus business looking to lease a truck for commercial or construction use, we can help.

Work Truck Fleet Leasing Columbus, OH

Cargo Van Leasing

Buying used passenger vans for your fleet is more of a gamble than you think. What you don't always realize is maintenance and depreciation costs add up. And consider how the older a truck gets, the more rust it can develop, potentially becoming an eyesore and damaging your company's image. Instead, lease a new fleet of utility vans for less money overall with Ewald Fleet Solutions. Our passenger van fleet leasing services are developed with your business needs in mind. Whether you need 10 cargo vans with custom signage, or you just need to increase your fleet's size, Ewald Fleet Solutions is here to help.

Passenger Van Fleet Leasing

Cargo Van Fleet Leasing Columbus, OH

Fleet Maintenance Management service Columbus, OH

Ewald Fleet Solutions’ maintenance management program helps your commercial cars, vans, or work trucks remain on the road. Our management services include tracking oil changes, mileage, tire rotations, minor damages, fleet fuel cost management, and 24-hour roadside assistance. Take the burden of managing a fleet off your shoulders with our fleet management solutions.

Columbus Companies Save $$$ With Our Fleet Management Program

Whether you’re a medical provider, roofer, or have any business with employees who drive on the job, you can benefit from reliable fleet leasing management. Our fleet management service is happy to meet with you in person to customize vehicle leases to fit your business needs.

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