Ozaukee Fleet Leasing

Ewald Fleet Solutions is Wisconsin’s preferred Fleet Management Company

At Ewald Fleet Solutions, we don’t believe that any leasing contract with our Ozaukee clients is ever “final.” While the details may be final and the price agreed upon, the customer service never ends. Wherever your fleet of leased vehicles takes you, we’ll be right there with you. Our corporate lease arrangements are backed by the finest ongoing customer service in Wisconsin.

Managed Fleet Services in Ozaukee

Ewald starts with the best selection of cars, passenger vans, and work trucks. Whatever your Ozaukee company needs, we can get for you. Our fleet service professionals have decades of customer service in the auto leasing industry, and it shows.

Commercial vehicle leasing in Ozaukee

Maintaining a fleet of work vehicles can be a real pain. At Ewald Fleet Solutions, we believe it’s our job to take care of that hassle so you spend more time on the road doing business, and less time worrying about maintenance schedules.
No two businesses have the same needs. We’ll work with you to figure out the best possible solution for your business factoring in mileage, gas consumption, usage, custom upfitting & graphics, and then we bundle it up into one easy payment. We offer options that are flexible and open ended like maintenance management, fuel management, and a network of ASE-certified maintenance specialists. Most importantly we offer peace of mind. With Ewald in your corner you won’t have to sweat the details, we’ll take care of it.

Work truck leases for Ozaukee County businesses

Owning and maintaining your own fleet of work trucks is a full time job. By leasing with Ewald Fleet Solutions you get the convenience of having a fleet of new trucks, without the headache of maintenance. We can do custom upfitting and vehicle wraps so you can get the job done, and look great while you do it.  Ozaukee County trusts Ewald Fleet Solutions to help them take care of business when it comes to leasing fleets of work trucks.

Lease work trucks for your business in Ozaukee County

Lease SUVs and Crossovers for Your Business

If you’re looking for a safe, proessional and versatile business to represent your business, SUVs and crossovers are a great option. Ewald is experienced at putting Ozaukee businesses in fleets of SUVs with zero hassle.

In the short term it may seem like a good idea to buy a fleet of used crossovers for your business, but soon monthly payments, maintenance schedules, and fuel costs will make that choice seem less smart. Save the hassle and headache by leasing brand new SUVs and crossovers from Ewald Fleet Solutions.

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Lease Vans & SUVs for your business in Ozaukee
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