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Fleet Vehicle Life Cycling

Vehicle Life Cycle Strategies Save You Money

Fleet Vehicle Life CyclingEwald Fleet Solutions works with you to implement a vehicle life cycling strategy so that you will have the best possible control over costs associated with operating your vehicle fleet. Operating a vehicle without a life cycle plan, or in other words, “running it until the wheels fall off”, is equivalent to flying blind.

Your vehicle’s life cycle is best determined individually and is vehicle specific; annual miles, usage, make, model, and  time of the year will be factored into the plan. Aligning the life cycle plan around this time frame will maximize resale value and lower your overall operating expense.

Optimal Vehicle Cycling Point

An optimal cycling point occurs when the vehicle is at the lowest cost of ownership. Operating a vehicle beyond the optimal cycling point can expose you to uncertainty in resale value, unscheduled maintenance, and subsequent downtime. The recent economic environment has influenced many businesses to extend replacement cycles, with the expectation of lowering costs. Unfortunately, many of these decisions were made without proper analysis or in the absence of the ability to adequately track maintenance expenses, resulting in an increase in operating costs.

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