Fuel Card Program

Managing Fuel Costs for Your Entire Fleet

The WEX Fuel Card Program takes the guesswork out of managing fuel costs for your company’s fleet vehicles, giving you control over expenses to ultimately reduce costs.

Control Fuel Costs

Cost Savings

Our program can help you save an average of 10%-15% on fuel expenses.

Accepted Nationwide

Fuel cards are accepted at more than 98% of gas stations across the United States.


Sophisticated spending controls help you avoid unnecessary charges and prevent unauthorized or fraudulent fuel purchases.

Easy to Manage

The real-time online fuel-management system helps you manage, control, and track fleet gasoline and fuel expenses. Plus, you get a single fuel invoice to reduce administrative workload.

Customized Programs

We tailor programs to your needs, with 24/7/365 customer support so you always have someone ready to support your drivers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are fleet fuel cards?

Fleet fuel cards are payment cards used by businesses to purchase fuel for their vehicle fleets. Fuel cards are designed to make it easier to track and manage fuel expenses.

How do fleet fuel cards work?

Fleet fuel cards work much like any other business credit card. The card is used to purchase fuel at the point of sale and the business is responsible for paying the card balance later.

How do drivers use the cards?

Drivers are required to enter a secure PIN and odometer reading and gather detailed information on purchases to ensure they’re maximizing their fuel budgets. A wide range of controls can be placed on the cards to prevent unauthorized purchases.

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