Fleet Leasing

Streamlining the Fleet Leasing Process

Our team has the experience and knowledge to guide you through leasing options that best meet your needs, so your business can hit the road simply and safely. 

Fleet Vehicle Acquisition

Finding the Right Fleet Vehicles

Our helpful and knowledgeable team will guide you in choosing vehicles, including vans, work trucks and SUVs, to create a fleet that’s effective and profitable for your business.

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Fleet Financing

Optimizing Cash Flow for Your Business

We’ll tailor a financing plan to your business that helps improve your cash flow and enhance profitability.

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Vehicle Upfitting

Vehicles Equipped to Get the Job Done

We can add equipment and features tailored to your specifications, installed on your vehicles before delivery.


Roof Units

Cooling Units

Ladder Racks

Customize Your Fleet

Turnkey Delivery

From Order to Delivery

We can handle the entire vehicle acquisition process for you nationwide, no matter where you’re located.

Turnkey Delivery Service

Advantages of a Vehicle Leasing Program

Business car and truck fleet leasing services give you the flexibility to tailor each of your vehicles to meet the exact requirements of your company’s needs and objectives while improving your cash flow and lowering your monthly payments.

Lease Program



Financial life equals useful life

Book value is often not in line with market value at time of disposal

Discipline to enforce standards and reduce vehicle acquisition and administrative costs

Vehicle diversity and lack of standards increase both vehicle acquisition and administrative costs

Replacing vehicles is cost effective and convenient

Upgrading owned vehicles is capital-intensive and cumbersome

Eliminates excess fleet build-up

Purchasing intensifies vehicle fleet build-up

Lessor assumes disposal responsibility, maximizing returns with automotive expertise

Disposal of vehicles is time-consuming, expensive, and lacks the application of automotive expertise

Low monthly lease fee


Leasing allows cash flow flexibility

High budgeting and forecasting costs

Vehicles are cycled, reducing maintenance expenses, improving corporate image and driver morale

Vehicles are often retained beyond optimum life, resulting in higher maintenance costs and poor image

Off-balance sheet financing and creative financial structures

Financing affects the bottom line

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