Work SUV Leasing & Management

Ewald Fleet Solutions is the go-to source for work SUV (sport utility vehicle) leasing. Our extensive fleet lines offer something for everyone. Leasing with Ewald cuts down on the hassle of vehicle maintenance – we’ll track your vehicles’ needs through our comprehensive management program so your vehicles don’t fall behind on care.

Best Work SUVs by Mileage

Whether your fleet has 15 or several 100 vehicles, saving on gasoline costs is crucial. An SUV’s mile-per-gallon rate is an important consideration when making a selection.

Top 10 Work SUVs by Mileage

Make SUV Model City Highway Mileage Horsepower Sold in 2021

Nissan Nissan

Nissan KicksKicks

31 mpg 36 mpg 122 hp 82,960


Nissan RogueRogue

30 mpg 37 mpg 201 hp 285,601


Toyota Corolla CrossCorolla Cross

31 mpg 33 mpg 169 hp 7,203


Hyundai KonaKona

30 mpg 35 mpg 147 to 195 hp 38,860


Kia SeltosSeltos

29 mpg 35 mpg 146 to 175 hp 51,368


 Kia SoulSoul

19 mpg 24 mpg 159 to 278 hp 139,296
HyundaiHyundai Hyundai VenueVenue 29 mpg 35 mpg 121 hp 28,653
ChevroletChevrolet Chevy TrailblazerTrailblazer 29 mpg 33 mpg 137 to 155 hp 90,161
VWVolkswagen Volkswagen TaosTaos 28 mpg 36 mpg 158 hp 31,682
HondaHonda Honda CRVCRV 28 mpg 34 mpg 190 hp 361,271


Best Work SUVs by Interior Space

SUVs combine the comfort of a sedan with the utility of a truck. You want a fleet with ample room for cargo, the driver, and passengers. We have what you need.

Top 10 Work SUVs for Towing

Make & Model Interior Space
Infinity QX80Infinity QX80 95.1 cubic feet
Volkswagen AtlasVolkswagen Atlas 96.8 cubic feet
Buick EnclaveBuick Enclave 97.4 cubic feet
Chevy TraverseChevrolet Traverse 98.2 cubic feet
Lincoln NavigatorLincoln Navigator 103.3 cubic feet
Ford ExpeditionFord Expedition 104.6 cubic feet
Jeep WagoneerJeep Wagoneer 116.7 cubic feet
Toyota SequoiaToyota Sequoia 120.1 cubic feet
Lincoln Navigator LLincoln Navigator L 120.2 cubic feet
Ford Expedition MaxFord Expedition MAX 121.5 cubic feet
Chevy TahoeChevrolet Tahoe/GMC Yukon 122.9 cubic feet
Cadillac Escalade ESVCadillac Escalade ESV 142.8 cubic feet
Chevy SuburbanChevrolet Suburban/GMC Yukon XL 144.7 cubic feet


Benefits of SUV Fleet Leasing

  • Lower monthly payments: Only pay for the portion of your trucks that your company actually uses. Pay less every month.
  • Lower maintenance expenses: Our fleet maintenance and repair program provides access to nearly 80,000 certified repair centers across the nation with pre-negotiated prices to keep maintenance costs to a minimum.
  • Easily upgrade to newer models: Enjoy the convenience of receiving new model upgrades – no more buying and selling.
  • Save on fuel: Our spending control and fuel card program eliminates inappropriate fuel purchases and sends you a single invoice for gas expenses.
  • Flexible leasing options: Enter the agreement that meets your needs with our open-ended and closed-ending leasing options.

Flexible SUV Leasing Options

Choose from the benefits of either closed-ended or open-ended leasing options.

  • Open-Ended: This option has no mileage limits and allows for more wear-and-tear than closed-ended leases. The lessee is responsible for the vehicle’s condition and participates in the sale gains and losses at the end of the lease.
  • Closed-Ended: Closed-ended leases have a defined end-date and fixed mileage terms. At the end of the lease, we’ll take on the risks and benefits of reselling the truck.

Contact Ewald for a free commercial SUV fleet evaluation.

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