Truck Fleet Leasing & Management

Does your business need a fleet of trucks? Get the horsepower you need to get the job done right. Truck leasing can help you save money in the long run, by protecting against depreciation and maintenance expenses. Newer trucks are more fuel efficient and cheaper to maintain, helping you avoid repair costs from wear and tear. Ewald also offers truck upfitting and wrapping, giving you the best trucks at a competitive price.

Best Work Truck for Gas Mileage

When managing a fleet of trucks, gas is a huge expense. With gas prices on the rise, you want to find the truck with the best balance of power and fuel efficiency. These are the 5 most-popular trucks with the best gas mileage in 2022.

10 Most Popular Pickup Trucks by Gas Mileage

Make Truck Model City Highway Horsepower Sold in 2021
FordFord Ford F-150F-150 25 mpg 26 mpg 290 to 700 hp 362,032
FordFord Ford Ranger Ranger 21 mpg 26 mpg 270 hp 58,371
DodgeDodge Dodge Ram Ram 20 mpg 25 mpg 260 to 702 hp 313,069
ChevyChevy Chevy ColoradoColorado 19 mpg 25 mpg 181 to 308 hp 38,860
GMCGMC GMC SierraSierra 19 mpg 22 mpg 305 to 420 hp 138,411
ToyotaToyota Toyota TacomaTacoma 19 mpg 24 mpg 159 to 278 hp 139,296
ChevyChevy Chevy Silverado Silverado 19 mpg 22 mpg 305 to 420 hp 291,322
ToyotaToyota Toyota TundraTundra 18 mpg 24 mpg 348 to 389 hp 43,865
JeepJeep Jeep GladiatorGladiator 16 mpg 23 mpg 260 to 285 hp 48,784

Best Work Trucks for Towing

If you plan on towing big payloads, you’ll want to pay attention to torque and towing capacity. Torque is the amount of force generated by the wheels of a vehicle. In simple terms, it’s the vehicle’s “strength,” measured in pounds per foot. Towing capacity is the maximum amount of weight a truck can tow. The chart below features the ten pickup trucks with the highest towing capacity.

10 Best Work Trucks with the Highest Towing Capacity

Truck MPG Torque Towing Capacity
Ford F-250Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty 15 mpg 1050 lb-ft. 24,200 lbs
Dodge Ram 2500Dodge Ram 2500HD and 3500HD 15 mpg 1075 lb-ft. 23,000 lbs
GMC Sierra 2500GMC Sierra 2500HD and 3500HD 14 mpg 910 lb-ft. 20,000 lbs
Chevy Silverado 2500HDChevy Silverado 2500HD and 3500HD 14 mpg 910 lb-ft. 20,000 lbs
Ford F-150Ford F-150 25 mpg 500 lb-ft. 14,000 lbs
Chevy Silverado 1500Chevy Silverado 1500 20 mpg 460 lb-ft. 13,300 lbs
GMC Sierra 1500GMC Sierra 1500 20 mpg 460 lb-ft. 13,200 lbs
Dodge Ram 1500Dodge Ram 1500 22 mpg 410 lb-ft. 12,750 lbs
Toyota TundraToyota Tundra 20 mpg 405 lb-ft. 12,000 lbs

Benefits of Commercial Truck Leasing

  • Lower monthly payments: Leasing allows for lower monthly payments because you’re only paying for the portion of the truck that your company actually uses.
  • Lower maintenance expenses: Our fleet maintenance and repair program provides access to nearly 80,000 certified repair centers across the country, with pre-negotiated prices to keep costs to a minimum.
  • Easily upgrade to newer models: Seamlessly upgrade to new models and eliminate the hassle of buying and selling.
  • Save on fuel: Utilize our fuel card program and receive one invoice for all your fuel expenses. Eliminate any inappropriate fuel purchases with our spending control program.
  • Flexible leasing options: We offer open-end and closed-end leasing options, depending on your specific needs.

Need more reasons to lease your work trucks

Flexible Truck Leasing Options

Find the financing option that best suits your business’ needs. We offer both open-end and closed-end leasing options.

  • Open-End: An ongoing lease with no mileage limits that allows for more flexibility than closed-end leases.
  • Closed-End: A lease with fixed terms and mileage limits. With a closed-end lease, there is a defined end-point to the lease.

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