9 Reasons to Change Your Approach to Acquiring Fleet Vehicles

Most businesses do an inadequate job at acquiring vehicles. This is surprising given the cost of vehicles, fuel, and maintenance are fairly significant, even in a small fleet of vehicles.

The reasons for this behavior at a business will vary, but generally fall somewhere into the following areas:

1. Vehicles are not a high priority

2. The employee coordinating company vehicles has many other responsibilities

3. Vehicles are often acquired in a consumer fashion (as opposed to a fleet acquisition)

4. Vehicle selection often defaults to past acquisitions Fleet, volume, and unpublished discounts often go unclaimed

5. A comparison analysis is not performed factoring future value, operating costs, or fuel economy

6. Needs analysis is not performed (is the same size vehicle still necessary?)

7. Lack of standardization resulting in varying vehicle options within the fleet

8. Annual vehicle selector is not developed

9. Acquisitions are unplanned or resulting only when mechanical issues arise

Partnering with a fleet management company that provides a dedicated account team and hands on approach will correct these inadequacies and bring cost savings. Ewald Fleet Solutions’ service model is built around a high level of personalized attention and ongoing involvement. You will not be required to adjust your business model to a pre-established “one size fits all” program.

Our key difference is not in the fleet tools that we bring to your business, but rather the fact that we provide you with a dedicated “technician” that knows how to use the tools and will bring improvements and savings to your business. This is what separates us from other fleet management companies and why we are able to bring ongoing savings and improvements.

If you suspect that your business could be more effective at acquiring vehicles, you likely will benefit from contacting us and starting a conversation.