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Ewald Fleet Solutions specializes in fleet management and related vehicle services. We provide an in-depth analysis of your fleet to determine whether your company would benefit from our customized leasing program. Your company will save much more money by leasing all, or a portion, of your fleet vehicles. Leasing vehicles in your corporate fleet is the key to substantial savings for your business.

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Vehicle Management Plan - In-depth Analysis

The fleet management professionals at Ewald Fleet Solutions approach each new client with no assumptions or pre-programmed leasing promotions. Instead, we work closely with your company to research and analyze how your vehicles are acquired, used, maintained and disposed. Whether you offer company vehicles, a car allowance, or provide mileage reimbursement, we will evaluate your current program. After the detailed analysis is complete, we customize a vehicle management plan suited specifically to meet your financial goals. With a variety of fleet financing options, we help enhance your profitability while improving cash flow.

Custom Fleet Leasing Programs

The leasing solutions we recommend depend entirely on what our analysis reveals about how your fleet operates and your financial criteria. Fleet solutions may include a vehicle leasing plan, a purchase plan or a combination of both.

Once we agree on a plan, Ewald Fleet Solutions is ready and willing to provide all of the support necessary to institute your fleet plan and monitor its effectiveness. We offer a full range of support services to ensure every aspect of your vehicle acquisition process is seamless. Our vehicle support services include:

Vehicle selection is one of the most important aspects of building your fleet. We'll help you find the best vehicle paired with custom vehicle upfitting to meet your business needs.

Fleet Leasing - PROVEN RESULTS

Time and again our fleet leasing clients are stunned and impressed by the amount of money they can save by partnering with Ewald Fleet Solutions. One of our clients had a small fleet of 19 vehicles driven by sales personnel at various locations throughout the country. They felt the fleet was costing more than it should, so we went to work.

Our fleet analysis and proposed solutions resulted in substantial savings for the company, including an immediate reduction in depreciation expenses, immediate savings on fuel purchases and long-term savings by instituting Vehicle Lifecycle Management. Reductions in depreciation expenses in the first year alone saved over $48,000. The company was also able to immediately free up over $200,000 to reinvest in the business.

Read more about how we helped this client in our Solutions Brief: Case Study on Leasing.


In addition to our vehicle acquisition services, Ewald Fleet Solutions provides comprehensive fleet management services. Using the custom fleet analysis, our leasing professionals will recommend other ways for your company to reduce costs using our full line of maintenance and fuel management tools, including:


The close and continuing relationships we build with our many loyal clients prove the people of Ewald Fleet Solutions are committed to providing the best fleet management services in the world. Find out how you can get started on your fleet vehicle management plan.

With our headquarters located in Wisconsin, we pride ourselves as much on providing local face-to-face service as we do communicating with national clients. Prominent fleet servicing areas include:

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