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Ewald’s fleet management specialists provide customized solutions for your company vehicle fleet. Whether your business is local or national, whether you have one vehicle or hundreds, we work closely with you to identify the best ways to streamline your fleet, improve efficiency, cut costs and increase profits.

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The Ewald Fleet Management team offers personalized service, personalized vehicles and personalized fleets. We don't sell you a fleet and walk away. We develop a custom fleet for your business and maximize profitability throughout its life cycle. Need 40 upfitted Silverado’s and 14 Ram ProMaster’s with custom graphics? Done. Need to replace 30 Camry’s, service 12 Tahoe’s and add a Tesla to your fleet? We’re on it. Need 37 Altima’s, 63 F-150’s with ladder racks, 12 BMW’s and one food truck? Odd choice but sure.

Ewald offers enterprise level fleet management without the enterprise level red tape. Quick on their feet, our fleet management specialists work with you and your company to deliver the best results. Ewald Fleet Solutions:

Fleet Vehicle Management Services from Ewald

Ewald Fleet Solutions offers some of the best fleet management services in the marketplace. We provide a full line of fleet management tools and customize them to fit your business and your needs. Fleet management services from Ewald include:


Fleet Maintenance & Repair Service

Fleet maintenance management is one of the most time consuming parts of running your own fleet. Keeping track of mileage, oil changes, tire rotation, brake wear, miscellaneous repairs and more costs time and money. Ewald tracks and schedules fleet vehicle maintenance so you get back to what matters – running your business.


Fleet Fuel Management

Fleet fuel management from Ewald Fleet Solutions is simple. You supervise and manage company fuel usage with the Ewald Fleet Fuel Card. Your employees drive a fleet of nicer, newer, more fuel efficient vehicles. Your business cuts gas expenses by driving said newer vehicles and you look great doing it.


Fleet Vehicle Life Cycling

Vehicles get old and fall apart. Keeping track of your fleet vehicle life cycle is a challenge. Knowing when to sell and when to wait is nigh impossible. The experts at Ewald keep a close eye on vehicle mileage, wear and age so you can minimize loss and maximize profit.


Accident Management

Accidents happen and they are complicated. Fleet accident management from Ewald make them simple. We handle accident reporting, vehicle replacement, roadside assistance and more. Employee in an accident? Call us and we’ll take care of us. See? Simple.


Vehicle Titling and Registration

Ever registered a new car at the DMV? What about 84 new cars in 3 different states? Not fun. Ewald takes care of all the fleet vehicle titling and registration for you so you don’t have to.


Vehicle Remarketing

Fleet vehicle remarketing is a crucial part of a cost effective fleet management plan. Ewald handles the entire process for you. We get the best possible price every time.


Fuel Saving Calculator


Fleet Lease Management from Ewald Fleet Solutions

Commercial fleet leasing from Ewald Fleet Solutions is custom tailored to your business. Our fleet leasing experts work with your business to find the most cost effective solution. After a free fleet analysis we determine the best vehicles and terms for your needs and your budget. Our fleet leasing services include:

Ewald Fleet Solutions’ management professionals dig deep to identify, where, when and how your fleet vehicles are being used and maintained. They are trained to ask the right questions to ensure they find every possible cost savings opportunity from vehicle life cycling to fuel management. As a result, our clients realize significant savings as soon as their customized fleet leasing plan is in place.

Once we find you the perfect custom fleet leasing plan, we remain fully engaged. We review and re-analyze the most current fleet data to track progress, identify changing patterns of vehicle use and recommend additional avenues for cutting costs.

Fleet Management – Proven Results

One Wisconsin-based health care provider challenged us to reduce their operating expenses and relieve their $6M-$7M capital investment in their fleet. After a thorough analysis of their operation we found they could realize substantial savings by:

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Centralized vehicle acquisitions alone resulted in a savings of over $350,000 on the acquisition of 142 vehicles. The savings only continued to grow from there as a result of our personalized comprehensive vehicle management program. You can read more about how we helped this client in this fleet leasing case study.

We’re proud of the close relationships we build with our clients and we hope you’ll let us introduce you to a new world of savings with Ewald Fleet Solutions.

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