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Ewald Fleet Solutions offers Fleet Management Services to Businesses Nationwide

Ewald Fleet Solutions provides fleet management services, including information on optimizing vehicle life cycles, controlling fuel costs, and reducing maintenance expenses. Our team has the knowledge and experience to help implement a tailored fleet management program for your business. We offer the guidance you need to reduce fleet vehicle costs and effectively manage changes to your growing fleet of vehicles.

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The Ewald Fleet Solutions Advantage

Ewald Fleet Solutions offers industry-leading fleet management and leasing solutions with a hands-on, get-it-done approach. Established in 1964, we remain a family-owned business operated by a team of industry professionals.

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out our most recent reviews and case studies to experience the positive impact we can provide for your business.

Fleet Leasing Services

Once we evaluate your needs and current fleet management practices, our team will work closely with your team to analyze the process in which your vehicles are acquired, operated, maintained, and remarketed. There are many fleet leasing options to choose from depending on how you plan on using your vehicles. Ewald Fleet Solutions will recommend industry best practices to improve your processes. This includes access to favorable pricing through volume purchases. Choosing fleet vehicle leasing instead of outright purchasing ties up less capital and improves your overall cash flow.

Fleet Leasing Services

Fleet Management Services

Our team of experienced fleet management professionals develops custom fleet management solutions and programs to fit our client’s needs. Ewald Fleet Solutions will help reduce your fleet maintenance and fuel costs to improve your bottom line. Many of our clients come to us because their businesses are growing quickly and they simply can't spare the time for research and procurement of their work trucks or vans. Others choose our fleet management services not only for the time-saving benefits but also for the cost savings. Reducing your total cost of ownership stands as one of our primary fleet management objectives.

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Nationwide Fleet Management Services

How Commercial Fleet Management Saves You Money

Reduce Maintenance Expenses Control Fuel Costs Simplify Title and Registration Personal Use Reporting with Ease Efficient Accident Management GPS Fleet Tracking EV Fleet Management

Our maintenance management system ensures that your vehicles receive proper maintenance, whether it is for scheduled service or unexpected repairs. All vehicle maintenance records are accessible, allowing you to see what maintenance is needed and what is not. This helps reduce costs and hold maintenance vendors accountable for their services.

Maintenance & Repair Management

Our WEX fuel card program simplifies your drivers' lives by providing them with access to a nationwide service network. The program reduces your administrative workload as you will receive one invoice with all fuel purchases. Our program also tracks fuel costs and eliminates any inappropriate or fraudulent purchases, further reducing your fuel and administration costs while also saving you time in managing it all.

Fuel Expenses Oversight

Fleet management from Ewald Fleet Solutions takes care of the titling, registration, and renewal process for all of your vehicles, no matter their location. This includes new vehicles as well as renewals for existing ones, ensuring your fleet remains properly registered and avoiding costly expiration fines.

Title & Registration Services

To maximize tax deductions and efficiently manage your fleet, detailed monthly mileage reports are crucial. However, this can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Our suite of fleet management solutions is designed to accurately record the personal use of company vehicles.

Streamlined Personal Reporting

Even the most cautious driver can be involved in an accident, and our accident management program alleviates all the hassles of accidents in business vehicles. The program, operated by our accident management partner, is available 24/7/365, with trained accident specialists that ensure your driver is safe. They document the details and communicate with the insurance carrier to ensure your driver and vehicle are back on the road quickly.

Accident Management Solutions

By implementing small telematics devices in your vehicles, you can gain significant savings for your entire fleet. Our fleet telematics solution allows you to monitor your fleet vehicles in real-time, providing valuable data such as location, speed, fuel consumption, driver behavior, and engine performance. With this valuable fleet data, you can optimize fuel usage, minimize maintenance costs, optimize route planning, and enhance driver safety.

Fleet Management Systems

Ewald Fleet Solutions is prepared to assist businesses with the transition to electric vehicles for their fleets. Our team of fleet management specialists can help with EV fleet planning, charging solutions, vehicle acquisition, financing, vehicle upfitting, maintenance, and more. We aim to make the transition to electric fleets as smooth and cost-effective as possible.

EV Fleet Management




Custom Fleet Management Services

  • Maintenance and Repair Management
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Fuel Management
  • GPS Solutions
  • Motor Vehicle Records


Free Fleet Evaluation

Top Questions About Fleet Management

What is Fleet Management?

Fleet management is a comprehensive approach to lowering an organization’s total cost of ownership (TCO) and streamlining fleet administration. These services typically include lease financing, maintenance and fuel management, GPS tracking, accident management, and other cost-reduction strategies.

Ewald Fleet Solutions provides industry-leading fleet leasing and fleet management services to businesses across the United States. Working with us, you have access to a full line of fleet management tools and support that evolve with your growing business.

How can you save me money? Won’t it cost me more to get Ewald involved?

That’s a fair question. We are professional fleet managers. We have many customers in a variety of industry sectors and have learned a lot over the years. We have developed easy-to-use processes that reduce acquisition costs and increase resale values, while effectively managing fuel and vehicle maintenance costs. We’re focused on truly saving you money, rather than just being an additional expense to your business. But don’t just take our word for it! Check out what our clients have to say in these case studies.

Isn’t fleet management better suited for large fleets? My business doesn’t have a large number of vehicles.

We’ve seen the biggest impact with small- and medium-sized companies who partner with us to manage their fleets. We implement the solutions and best practices that are used by large fleets so that a fleet of any size can see benefits. And we can scale up as your business grows.

My vehicles are spread out all over the country. How can you help me?

Many of our customers operate vehicles throughout the entirety of the United States. Our commitment is to provide a hassle-free experience—coordinating vehicle acquisition, upfitting, graphics, title and registration, and a turnkey delivery to your employee.

No matter where your fleet operates, you’ll receive our full suite of fleet management services, designed to keep your growing fleet running strong.

Why should I be concerned with tracking fleet performance? Won’t this add layers of complexity and cost to managing my fleet?

Data helps everyone make better decisions. You can see which drivers are harder on your vehicles, and whose driving habits increase fuel consumption and maintenance costs. Tracking performance provides you with actionable data that reduces costs.

Why should I consider leasing vehicles instead of continuing to purchase?

Leasing frees up your working capital. With a lease, you have a single, predictable, monthly operating cost that allows you to direct your capital funds to other aspects of your business. Leasing also saves money through optimizing vehicle life cycling: vehicles are removed from service before their operating costs become too high. This leads to a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

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Our Approach

We start by doing our research about your business, including your current and future vehicle needs. We’ll then present a detailed fleet management strategy to help you improve efficiencies and reduce costs. Finally, we’ll continue to provide ongoing guidance and cost-saving solutions to reduce expenses and lower your total cost of ownership.

Free Fleet Evaluation

Free Evaluation

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