Personal Use of Company Vehicle Reporting

Personal Use Reporting Made Easy

Tracking and maximizing deductions for every mile driven is essential. To manage your fleet and optimize your taxable benefits, you must maintain detailed monthly mileage reports—a time-consuming headache for everyone. We help you avoid the time and effort, with our suite of innovative solutions for accurately recording personal use of company vehicles.

Effective Mileage Reporting Solutions

Ewald Fleet Solutions uses Network's ePlan for fast and easy personal mileage reporting. Accurate, effective mileage reporting helps businesses improve fuel management, schedule maintenance and assist with proper vehicle life cycling. Network's ePlan lets employees:


  • Report monthly mileage
  • Report daily mileage
  • Report fuel stops
  • Report maintenance

Convenience At Your fingertips

ePlan works with iOS and Android devices making it a breeze to track mileage on the go. Whether you reimburse for mileage or have a personal use charge, ePlan makes fleet mileage tracking easy since employees can differentiate between business and personal mileage.

Taking the Work Out Of Fleet Vehicle Management

Ewald Fleet Solutions helps keep your fleet in check with the tools and expertise to track daily attributes. Our team of experienced fleet specialists take the load of managing company cars off your shoulders. Discover Ewald Fleet difference for yourself.

Our Clients

"I would highly recommend Ewald Fleet Solutions. I don’t think we could have picked a better partner."

Chief Operating Officer at L&S Electric

Personal use reporting is accessible with any smartphone, making it a breeze to track mileage on the go.

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