Managing Fuel Costs for Fleet Vehicles

Our fuel card program simplifies your drivers’ lives with access to our nationwide network of tier-one fuel companies. Plus, you receive one invoice—virtually eliminating your administrative workload. The program's spending controls track and eliminate inappropriate or fraudulent fuel purchases.


Enjoy the Control and Efficiency of Fuel Cards Accepted Nationwide

Our convenient fuel cards optimize fuel efficiency and give you control over fuel expenses. They are accepted at over 98% of stations across the United States. With real-time online fuel management, you can manage, control, and track your fuel expenses.

You can tailor the program for the features and services that your fleet needs, including tracking and reducing non-fuel purchase items, premium fuel usage, multiple daily fill-ups, and purchases beyond the vehicle’s tank capacity. You can require drivers to enter a secure PIN and odometer reading and gather detailed information on purchases, so you can ensure they are maximizing their fuel budgets. By capturing complete data on each transaction, our fuel management program allows you to efficiently track your company's gas usage.

Facts About Unmanaged Business Vehicle Fuel Programs

  • On average, 3% of annual fuel costs are unauthorized fuel
  • On average, 15% of annual fuel costs are unnecessary premium fuel purchases
  • On average, 2% of annual fuel costs are on non-fuel (lunches, soda, etc.)



Cost efficient fleet gas management

The Ewald Fleet Solutions Fuel Management Program allows you to gain ultimate control over unnecessary fleet fueling charges easily and quickly.

  • Acceptance at over 170,000 national, regional, and local vendors
  • Includes highest level of data capture on each transaction
  • Web access to robust reporting capabilities
  • Monitors and consolidates all fuel related transactions
  • Sophisticated purchase controls and expense monitoring
  • Ability to review transactions to highlight exceptions
  • Customer service- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year

Our Clients

"I would highly recommend Ewald Fleet Solutions. I don’t think we could have picked a better partner."

Paul Gullickson, Chief Operating Officer at L&S Electric

Gas Cards for Small business Fleet Leases

Fuel efficiency and the ability to control fuel costs is an important part of managing your fleet.

Ewald Fleet Solutions will provide your business with a convenient fuel card program with acceptance at over 98% of stations across America. The partnership will also provide you with real-time online fleet fuel management systems to help you manage, control, and track fleet gasoline and fuel expenses. Use our savings calculator to estimate your fuel savings today!

Ewald Programs To Supervise Fleet Gas Usage

Ewald Fleet Fuel Card features and services can be tailored to meet your fleet needs including: tracking and reducing non-fuel purchase items, premium fuel usage, multiple daily fill-ups and overfilling of tank capacity. By requiring the driver to enter a secure PIN or Driver ID and odometer reading, and gathering detailed information on purchases, businesses can ensure they are maximizing their fuel budgets.

Our fuel management program provides a cost efficient way to track your company's gas usage by capturing the highest level of data on each fuel transaction.

Contact our fleet leasing professionals for more information on fuel cost management.

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