Fleet Financing - Create a plan that’s specific for your needs

Ewald Fleet Solutions offers a variety of fleet financing options to help you improve cash flow and enhance profitability. We will meet with you to review your current fleet requirements and objectives, and recommend a plan that’s tailored to your needs and business requirements.

We specialize in a variety of lease financing options to meet your unique situation.


Open-End Lease

An open-end lease, often referred to as an operating lease, is the most common lease for business applications, because it offers the flexibility of ownership, along with the benefits of fleet leasing.

  • Improves financial ratios
  • Keeps credit lines open for business needs
  • Converts the capital expenditure into a monthly expense
  • Often reduces up-front sales tax cost

Close-End Lease

Often referred to as a "walk-away" lease, a closed-end lease minimizes your risk and offers a defined endpoint to the lease. You simply return the vehicle with no further financial obligation—within the terms of the agreement with regards to mileage and wear-and-tear.

Closed-end leases are most commonly used in consumer and government applications. A closed-end lease may also be a good option for clients who have low, predictable mileage habits, and are confident that they will not need to terminate the lease prior to the end of the lease term. In a closed-end lease, the lessee pays for excess mileage and abnormal wear-and-tear, which is often too restrictive for business applications.


Find the Right Vehicles for Your Needs

Whatever kind of vehicle you're looking for in your lease, we can help you find it. We'll build a vehicle selection list of the best make and model of cars, trucks or vans to suit your needs based on your priorities: fuel economy, resale value, size, style and price. We also upfit your vehicles with any additional equipment and features you require prior to delivery. We guarantee that your vehicles will meet your exact specifications on arrival.

Contact the fleet management professionals at Ewald to learn how we help you find the right vehicle at the best value.
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