The Right Vehicle for the Best Value

Choose the best fleet vehicles for your unique business

Vehicle selection is an essential part of building a high-performing fleet. Whether you’re looking for fuel economy, targeted resale value, a specific style, or a specific price, we'll build a vehicle selection list for you. We are unbiased in our approach to finding the best vehicles for your needs—we look at all makes, models, and upfitting options.

Save money and make your drivers happy

We know the car, truck, and van market, and we can help you find the best vehicles for your team. Perhaps your executive team has preferences on vehicle style or your service team requires specific features - whatever the case, we’ll find the right make and model and any custom upfitting you'll need. Our qualified team will do all this work in your best interest, with the goal of achieving cost savings and a cohesive fleet program for your company. 


Maintenance and vehicle cycling keeps your costs low

Our team of maintenance technicians provide maintenance and repair services for your leased vehicles. The process is simple and straightforward, preventing costly repairs ahead of time and saving you more in the long run. When your vehicles near the end of their life cycle, our vehicle life cycling strategies will help you get the highest resale values, cutting down on your operating expenses.

Contact the fleet management professionals at Ewald to learn how we help you find the right vehicle at the best value.
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