Choosing the Right Fleet Vehicles

Get the Right Fleet Vehicles at the Best Value for Your Business

Vehicle selection is an essential part of building a high-performing fleet. Whether you’re looking for fuel economy, targeted resale value, a specific style, or a set price, we'll build an ideal vehicle selection list for you. We are unbiased in our approach to finding the best vehicles for your needs by considering all available makes, models, and upfitting options. 

How to choose the right company fleet vehicles

Your Fleet Vehicle Options

The 3 primary fleet vehicle categories to choose from are trucks, vans, and SUVs. Your business's unique vehicle applications will determine which vehicle type is best for your fleet.

Work Trucks

Work trucks are great for applications like towing, moving materials, and going off-road onto job sites. They’re the best choice for businesses that need rugged and powerful fleet vehicles.

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Work Vans

Work vans are great for applications like storing and carrying equipment, navigating tight streets, and providing a mobile workplace. With the ability to customize the interior to fit specific needs, work vans allow for easy and organized storage of tools and supplies. They’re the best choice for businesses that make service calls and need their vehicles to carry lots of tools and supplies.

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Fleet SUVs

SUVs are great for moving lots of people in a comfortable environment and loads of miscellaneous supplies. Many SUV models come equipped with advanced safety features and technology, ensuring a safe and efficient work experience out on the road. They’re the best choice for executive fleets, personnel transportation, and flexible space for temporary supply transportation.

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Electric Fleet Vehicles (EVs) 

EVs are relatively uncommon fleet vehicles when compared to gas-powered alternatives. However, more and more businesses across the country are embracing the future and making the switch to electric-powered fleets. Electric vehicles help promote sustainability, require less maintenance, have lower operating costs, and provide a smooth, quiet ride.

Take a look through our EV fleet management guide to learn more about available EV makes/models, unique costs, drawbacks, and benefits of fleet electrification.

EV Fleet Management


Save Money And Make Your Drivers Happy

We know the car, truck, and van market, and can help you find the best vehicles for your team. Perhaps your executive team has preferences on vehicle style or your service team requires specific features. Whatever the case, we’ll find the right make and model, plus any custom upfitting you'll need. Our qualified team will work in your best interest, with the goal of achieving cost savings and a cohesive fleet program for your company.

How to handle fleet vehicle life cycling

Learn how to handle fleet vehicle life cycling

  1. Understand the life cycling process

    Life cycling refers to the process of replacing fleet vehicles before depreciation and maintenance start to cost more than acquiring new vehicles. Having a consistent vehicle life cycling strategy in place saves money in the long run.

  2. Understand the connection between life cycling and operating costs

    When the optimal point to remove vehicles from your fleet has passed, maintenance costs will begin to rise due to the age and mileage of the vehicle. Combined with accelerating depreciation, this will lead to overall higher costs than if you were to cycle out the vehicles for newer ones.

  3. Find balance between depreciation and market value

    The optimal cycling point occurs when the vehicle's maintenance costs are still low and the depreciated value is equal to the market value of the vehicle.

  4. Work with a fleet specialist who can optimize the life cycling process for you

    At Ewald, our fleet management specialists are experts in the life cycling process. Speak with a specialist to develop a life cycling strategy for your business.

How to choose fleet vehicles based on need

Learn how to choose fleet vehicles based on need

  1. List the roles and purpose of each fleet vehicle

    It's important to understand the purpose of every fleet vehicle before deciding on the make, model or upfitting requirements. Optimizing for comfort will result in a different vehicle choice than optimizing for moving cargo, for example.

  2. Consult fleet drivers

    Your employees have the most experience with vehicles in the field. Ask them what their needs are, and work to balance these with the needs of your company and your overall budget. Getting driver input will help improve employee satisfaction, and satisfied employees take better care of fleet vehicles.

  3. Speak with a fleet management professional

    At Ewald Fleet Solutions, our fleet professionals specialize in helping companies decide on the right vehicles to fill any need. We take an unbiased approach to fleet leasing, considering all makes, models, and upfitting options when choosing the best vehicles for our customers.

How to choose fleet vehicles based on price

Learn how to choose fleet vehicles based on price

  1. Start by determining the vehicle's end purpose

    Choosing fleet vehicles based solely on price will end up costing more in the long run if they aren't the right ones for the job. Carefully considering each vehicle's end purpose will ensure you don't spend money on a vehicle that hinders your employee's work or that you'll end up needing to replace. Getting the right vehicle for the job should always come before considering cost.

  2. Speak to fleet drivers

    Fleet drivers who use vehicles daily have the most experience operating them and can provide valuable insights on the day-to-day needs of the job.

  3. Consider the long term costs

    Choosing an older or less expensive vehicle can seem attractive at first, but the higher maintenance and fuel costs associated with older vehicles will increase your fleet's total cost of ownership in the long run.

  4. Determine which upfitting options are needed

    Upfitting options like ladder racks, tailgate ramps, and glass racks should be factored in when considering the overall cost of a leased vehicle.

  5. Meet with a fleet management professional

    At Ewald, our fleet management professionals specialize in finding the right, fit-for-purpose fleet vehicles for your budget, while taking the long term needs of your fleet into account."

Maintenance and Vehicle Cycling Keeps Your Costs Low

Our fleet managers provide maintenance and repair management for your leased vehicles. The process is simple and straightforward, preventing costly repairs ahead of time and saving you more in the long run. When your vehicles near the end of their life cycle, our vehicle life cycling strategies will help you get the highest resale values, cutting down on your operating expenses. 

Contact the fleet management professionals at Ewald to learn how we help you find the right vehicle at the best value. 

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