Custom Fleet Vehicle Upfitting

Custom Equipment For Company Cars & Work Trucks

Your fleet is an important tool that helps you deliver your products and services. Our fleet leasing professionals understand you may need more than ordinary vehicles to get the job done. After choosing the right vehicles for your needs, we install any additional equipment, features and vehicle graphics you require before you receive them.

Our vehicle upfitting solutions are tailored to your exact specifications - from ladder racks to complete custom interiors and electronics, we manage the entire upfitting process for you. Your vehicles will have the exact upfitting you specified upon arrival, delivered on time and ready to work without the hassles of managing multiple vendors.

Why Choose Ewald for Car, Truck, & Van Upfitting?

  • We will work with your existing vendors or select vendors for you
  • All manufacturer allowances are passed through
  • Installation is completed prior to delivery
  • Available for cars, work trucks, & work vans
  • Turnkey vehicle delivery
Custom Fleet Vehicle Upfitting

Ladder Racks

Ladder racks are a very popular upfitting option, where a ladder storage rack is mounted on the top of a commercial truck or van. There is a huge variety of ladder rack options, so talk with an upfitting professional to determine which best suits your needs.

Ladder rack vehicle upfitting

Bin Packages

Bin packages are a great way to keep supplies organized in the back of a work van or capped work truck. Bin shelving is flexible and there’s a large variety of bin sizes to choose from, so bin packages are highly customizable.

Bin packages for vehicle upfitting

Pick-Up Truck Bed Caps

Pick-up truck bed caps provide sheltered and secure storage for supplies. There is a large variety of caps with lots of options regarding storage space, added utility, and material.

Pick-up truck bed cap vehicle upfitting

Built-In Tool Box

Built-in toolboxes for utility vehicles provide added organized storage for equipment and supplies.

Built-in toolbox vehicle upfitting

How to choose fleet vehicle upfitting options

Learn how to choose fleet vehicle upfitting options

  1. Evaluate the end use of your vehicles

    Consider the jobs your vehicles need to do, keeping both your current and future needs in mind. As your business evolves, the purpose of your vehicles may evolve too.

  2. Involve drivers in the planning process

    Include employees in conversations when planning upfits for their vehicles. This ensures you take their needs into account before embarking on a costly upfit. The result will be happier employees and a more efficient use of budget.

  3. Think about external upfitting options for carrying cargo

    Fleet drivers who move ladders, trailers or any other large cargo may need ladder racks, trailer hitches, and other options to transport job materials.

  4. Decide on vehicle graphics and branding

    Vehicle graphics are a great way to increase brand exposure every time an employee visits a job site or customer. It can help bring in more leads while presenting a polished professional image to the public.

  5. Speak with an Ewald fleet management specialist

    At Ewald, our fleet management specialists work with you to plan the most effective upfit that suits both employee needs and your budget.

How to custom brand fleet vehicles

Learn how to custom brand fleet vehicles

  1. Outline your branding specifications

    Make note of any logo, color, font and image guidelines that must be adhered to with company branding.

  2. Share your vision with your fleet management company

    Speak with a fleet management specialist to develop a shared vision for adding company branding to your leased fleet vehicles. At Ewald, we work with your preferred vendor, or recommend a vendor of our own, and we’ll manage the process from start to finish.

  3. Strengthen brand awareness on every job site visit

    Increase leads and customer trust as fleet vehicles visit job sites while effortlessly promoting your brand.

How to incorporate costs of fleet upfitting into your lease

Learn how to incorporate costs of fleet upfitting into your lease

  1. Establish the number and type of vehicles in your fleet

    The first step in fleet building is to choose the right vehicle for the job. During your vehicle acquisition stage, determine the right makes and models that will allow your employees to work effectively.

  2. Determine which upfitting options you need

    Examine the end use of each vehicle in your fleet to determine which upfitting options you need. Don't forget to talk to drivers about the additional equipment they need to do their jobs so you can take that into account when planning your upfits.

  3. Talk to an Ewald fleet management professional

    The fleet specialists here at Ewald Fleet Solutions offer guidance on vehicle types, lease types, and upfitting options to help your company get the most out of your leases. Depending on the situation and upfitting required, we can capitalize your upfitting costs into your monthly lease payment.

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