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Ewald Fleet Solutions is a family-owned fleet leasing company offering industry-best fleet leasing solutions with a hands-on, personal approach to business. We work alongside you and your business to get you on the road simply and safely.

At Ewald, we provide fleet management solutions to make life easier and more efficient for you and your drivers. We make the maintenance records for every vehicle in your Ewald fleet fully accessible so you have full transparency on the state of your fleet anytime you need it. Our WEX fuel card program helps you control fuel expenses and eliminate administrative headaches by putting you in the driver’s seat to control fuel spending and manage your fuel expenses all from a single invoice.

With Ewald Fleet Solutions, you have the power to monitor your fleet in real-time thanks to small telematics devices that can be installed in the vehicles. Our GPS fleet tracking system gives you access to location, speed, fuel consumption, driver behavior and engine performance data in a convenient & comprehensive report.

We offer close-end and open-end lease options so you can decide what the best, most cost-effective fleet leasing plan is for your business.

Take advantage of our extensive selection of vehicles with fuel control and GPS tracking available for immediate leasing.



Leasing company fleet vehicles
Fleet Financing The Right Vehicle for the Best Value Proper Equipment for the Job Improve Image and Branding Convenience of Nationwide Turnkey Delivery Optimum Vehicle Cycling

Ewald Fleet Solutions offers a variety of fleet financing options to help you improve cash flow and enhance profitability. After meeting with you to review your fleet requirements and objectives, we will recommend a plan that’s tailored to your needs and business requirements.

Fleet Financing Options

Vehicle selection is an important part of building your fleet. We are unbiased in helping you find the best vehicle for your needs. To reduce your total cost of ownership, we will evaluate all makes and models, considering acquisition cost, incentives, fuel economy, warranty, maintenance history, and resale values.

Vehicle Selection Assistance

Your fleet is an important tool that helps you deliver your products and services. Our fleet leasing professionals understand you may need more than ordinary vehicles to get the job done.

Our vehicle upfitting solutions are tailored to your exact specifications - from ladder racks to complete custom interiors and electronics, we manage the entire upfitting process for you. Your vehicles will have the exact upfitting you specified upon arrival, delivered on time and ready to work without the hassles of managing multiple vendors.

Custom Vehicle Upfitting

Ewald Fleet Solutions is ready to help you put your fleet to work, promoting your business and services. From partial to full-vehicle graphic wraps, we provide a hassle-free solution to branded fleet graphics. We can deliver vibrant, fully customized, long-lasting, professionally installed wraps for cars, vans, and trucks—based on your brand, budget, and objectives.

Vehicle Graphics Installation

Locally or nationwide,  we’ll take care of the entire vehicle acquisition process for you, ensuring timely and accurate vehicle ordering and delivery. We secure the best pricing available, and we often identify additional discounts and incentives. We offer flexible business vehicle leasing options and customized acquisition services to nationwide customers.

Turnkey Delivery Service

With an optimally designed vehicle life cycling plan, you can avoid unexpected, expensive repairs. Your employees will drive newer, safer, more fuel-efficient vehicles, and you will avoid expensive downtime.

Vehicle Cycling Strategies

Ewald Fleet Solutions is prepared to assist businesses with the transition to electric vehicles for their fleets. Our team of fleet management specialists can help with EV fleet planning, charging solutions, vehicle acquisition, financing, vehicle upfitting, maintenance, and more. We aim to make the transition to electric fleets as smooth and cost-effective as possible.

EV Fleet Management






With an open-end vehicle lease (often referred to as an "operating lease"), the lessee is responsible for any difference between the vehicle’s residual value at the end of the lease and its actual value when it is returned. This may result in a gain on the sale, which is returned to the lessee. Or it may result in a loss on the sale, which is the lessee’s responsibility. Our goal is to break even on the sale of the vehicle at the end of the lease term. This way the lessee keeps their cash working for them in their business. The lessee is also responsible for maintaining and insuring the vehicle during the lease period.

Key Benefits:


With a closed-end vehicle lease (often referred to as a "walk-away" lease), the lessee is responsible for any excess mileage above the agreed mileage allowance and excess wear-and-tear at the end of the lease term.

Key Benefits:



Businesses across the country save money every day with Ewald’s fleet leasing solutions. Choosing to lease rather than own your fleet outright saves you upfront costs and long-term costs and provides you with a predictable monthly payment schedule to make budgeting a breeze. When you lease from Ewald Fleet Solutions, you get unbeatable flexibility to upgrade, increase or downsize your fleet and trade in your vehicles, hassle-free.

With Ewald Fleet Solutions, you get all the cash-saving advantages of fleet leasing AND our best-in-class fleet and accident management systems. Leasing your fleet with Ewald gives you access to our dedicated customer service team 24/7, 365. Get confident, secure fleet leasing at rates that work for your budget. Call to transform your fleet’s efficiency today.

Truck Leasing

Need a fleet with horsepower? At Ewald Fleet Solutions we have a wide variety of top-of-the-line pickup trucks available for lease. Get the best of both worlds in fuel efficiency and towing capacity with commercial truck leasing from Ewald. 

SUV Leasing 

When you need a passenger fleet, Ewald’s SUV fleet leasing service is your solution. We keep an extensive line of SUVs so you always find the ideal fuel-efficient passenger vehicles to meet your needs.

Work Van Leasing 

Ewald’s exclusive line of work van fleets sets your fleet apart. We make sure your fleet includes only the industry's best work vans so you get uncompromised performance on the road.

Once you’ve selected your work van leasing plan, get full fleet customization with our upfitting service to keep your equipment organized and maximize your workspace. Ask us about equipping your vans with ladder racks, shelving, benches, cabinets, ramps and more. 

Top Questions About Fleet Leasing

Why should I consider leasing vehicles instead of continuing to purchase?

Leasing frees up your working capital. With a lease, you have a single, predictable, monthly operating cost that allows you to direct your capital funds to other aspects of your business. Leasing also saves money through optimizing vehicle life cycling: vehicles are removed from service before their operating costs become too high. This leads to a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

What are fleet leases?

A fleet lease is an agreement between a company (lessee) and an owner of the fleet vehicles (lessor). The company pays to use the vehicles for a predetermined amount of time, at a set rate.

How does fleet leasing differ from purchasing vehicles?

Fleet leasing is a type of vehicle financing in which a company leases a fleet of vehicles for a specified period of time, rather than purchasing them outright. This allows the company to use the vehicles without having to incur the full cost of ownership and allows for more flexibility in terms of upgrading or downsizing the fleet.

What are the benefits of fleet leasing?

Some of the benefits of fleet leasing include lower upfront costs, reduced maintenance and repair expenses, and the ability to customize the fleet to meet specific business needs. It also allows for more flexibility in terms of upgrading or downsizing the fleet, and can provide a more predictable monthly budget for vehicle expenses.

How does the leasing process work?

At Ewald, the leasing process begins with determining the specific needs of your business and the type of vehicles that will be leased. From there, a lease agreement is created outlining the terms of the lease - length of the lease, the number of vehicles being leased, monthly payment amount, etc. Once the agreement is signed, the vehicles will be delivered to your business and the lease will begin.

Can a business end a fleet lease early?

In most cases, a business can end a fleet lease early by paying a termination fee. However, the terms of the lease agreement will determine the exact amount of the fee and any other requirements for ending the lease early.

Fleet Vehicle Selection

Just like your business fleet lease, the fleet vehicles you choose should be optimized for your business. The overall performance of your fleet relies on making the right vehicle choices. We’re here to help you find the best vehicles for your fleet. We review all the vehicle options and make unbiased suggestions to help your fleet be more effective and profitable.

Choosing Fleet Vehicles


Fleet Management

Our team of fleet management pros develops and implements tailored fleet management programs to fit your company’s unique needs. Ewald Fleet Solutions strives to reduce fleet costs, improve your bottom line, and free up time and capital to put toward the rest of your business.

Fleet Management Services


Custom Fleet Management Services

  • Maintenance and Repair Management
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Fuel Management
  • GPS Solutions
  • Motor Vehicle Records


Get to Know Our Fleet Managers

"We surround ourselves with a dedicated, hardworking staff that takes great pride in being there for our clients. Customer care is our #1 priority."

Jeremy Kritzer Account Executive Meet The Team



Our Approach

We start by doing our research about your business, including your current and future vehicle needs. We’ll then present a detailed fleet management strategy to help you improve efficiencies and reduce costs. Finally, we’ll continue to provide ongoing guidance and cost-saving solutions to reduce expenses and lower your total cost of ownership.

Free Fleet Evaluation

Free Evaluation

Maximize your fleet’s performance and manage financial risk by allowing us to evaluate your fleet’s mileage, operational costs, driver performance, depreciation, and more.


Activate programs that increase fleet performance and driver satisfaction. They will benefit your bottom line.


Hands-on support programs ensure your continued success.

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