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4 Qualities to Expect from a Good Fleet Management Company

Dan Ewald, Ewald Fleet Solutions Dan Ewald

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Many businesses are involved in a relationship with a fleet management company that truly doesn’t fit their needs. If you find yourself experiencing any of the following situations, it may be time to explore a new relationship. The right relationship coupled with the right program should free up your time and reduce costs, without experiencing any frustration.



1. Relationship

Do you have depth in your relationship with your current fleet management company? There will be times when you need a prompt answer. If your only point of contact is your sales rep, you may find yourself waiting too often and too long to get your issue resolved.

Ewald Fleet Solutions assigns a team to all of our customers that is familiar with your specific program and individual business needs. As our customer, you will enjoy access to our management team as well as our administrative team to provide you with a high level of service.

2. Attentiveness

Do you find yourself chasing after your fleet management company for status updates, fleet reviews, and other follow up items? At Ewald Fleet Solutions, our fleet management program is based on maintaining an ongoing interaction with you in order to maintain our agreed course of action. You aren’t just provided an off the shelf program, you gain a support team that will be working alongside you.

3. Actionable Data

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with reports from your current fleet provider? Reporting is an important tool to assist you with better management of the cost areas associated with your vehicle fleet. But reports can be overwhelming.

Ewald Fleet Solutions takes pride in providing our customer with actionable data. Concise information that allows them to make informed decisions and reduce costs.

4. Time Consumption

Do you find that you are spending more time than you like on your vehicle fleet, and need to focus on other areas of your business? You may have the wrong program in place.

What sets us apart at Ewald Fleet Solutions? Our program will reduce the time you spend on managing your fleet while you gain control over all the associated cost areas. Our customers report spending less time with their vehicle fleet while enjoying greater savings!

If you are currently experiencing any of these situations, it would be beneficial to initiate a conversation with Ewald Fleet Solutions. Contact Us to schedule an appointment.

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