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6 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Vehicle for Your Business

Rich Schehr, Ewald Fleet Solutions Rich Schehr

When adding to or replacing vehicles in your fleet, there are a few questions that you should consider to ensuring you are choosing the correct vehicle.

When you’re considering acquiring a vehicle for business use, think carefully about how you will use it. A boggling array of vehicle types exist: hybrid cars, light trucks, minivans, sport-utility vehicles, and more. Which is right for your business? Ask yourself these questions to find out.


Choosing the right vehicle for you1. How much will the vehicle be used?

First, estimate how many miles the car will be driven annually to determine the importance of fuel efficiency. Next, consider the types of trips your vehicle will make. Will they be short hops in a city with a lot of traffic or long drives on rural roads?  You can easily compare fuel efficiency by using our Fuel Savings Calculator.

2. What will the vehicle transport?

If you just need to get yourself to client meetings, a subcompact car might do the job. If you’re delivering furniture to customers, you probably need a work truck or a work van.

3. Will more than one driver use the vehicle?

If your company car will be shared by several employees, consider one that’s easy to operate. Some vehicles allow you to preset the driver’s seat settings for several different drivers, which can be a nice perk. Also, with multiple drivers sharing a car, dings are more likely, so consider purchasing a vehicle that doesn’t have complicated grillwork or other extras that could be pricey to repair.

4. Will customers see your vehicle?

If so, what you drive up in will say something important about your company. You wouldn’t want your employee arriving at a professional business meeting in an old worn out sedan.

5. Does the vehicle reflect your corporate values?

In the 21st century, companies aren’t just sellers of goods and services. They have corporate values that reflect the image they want to project in the community. For example, if your company maintains a core value of caring about the environment, a Toyota Prius or Camry hybrid works better to make that statement.

6. Do you need more than one vehicle?

If your business needs more than one vehicle, consider whether you should stick to one make and model or purchase entirely different vehicle types. Buying several of one type of vehicle may improve your buying power and allow you to take advantage of volume incentives.

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