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How to Get Discounts for Buying Multiple Vehicles as a Business

Discounts for Multiple Business Vehicles

When a company decides to add a vehicle to their fleet, there is a multitude of ways to acquire the vehicle. Some companies visit a dealership to “kick tires” and purchase a vehicle as a retail consumer would, others let their employees choose from a dealer lot, and still others work with an advisor to do the heavy lifting of searching for the vehicle, and negotiating the price. While you can be successful at acquiring the vehicle you need through each of these processes, you may not be getting the best price or the best vehicle for your money.

By partnering with a fleet management company, there are several pricing advantages that you will be able to take advantage of. A fleet management company will also assist you in ensuring that the vehicle you are acquiring is the appropriate vehicle for your needs, that you are getting the vehicle at the right time, and negotiating on your behalf with the manufacturer. All of which are crucial factors in getting the best price.

Additional discounts may be obtained through multiple channels that you may be unaware that your company qualifies for. These include:


  • Factory Ordering: A new-vehicle order placed directly with the manufacturer by the dealer or leasing company to meet the user's exact specifications.
  • Fleet & Manufacturers Incentives: Vehicle pricing discounts on specific vehicles offered by the automakers. The automakers typically issue new incentives on an annual basis for vehicles in the next model year. Fleet incentives are offered only to designated fleet accounts as defined by the manufacturer.
  • Volume Discounts: Pricing discounts determined by manufacturers based upon the number of vehicles a company will be securing throughout the model year.
  • Unpublished Discounts: Pricing discounts offered by a multitude of associations and groups that are not public knowledge.


A significant advantage of working with a fleet leasing and management company is the option to lease vehicles for your company. Leasing frees up cash flow, saves on administrative time, and can potentially save a company thousands of dollars throughout the useful life of the vehicle by using best practices of life cycle management.

If you would like to learn more about saving money when acquiring multiple vehicles for your company, we can help. Ewald Fleet Solutions provides an interactive ongoing service that results in lowering your overall costs and greatly reducing your administrative time. Contact us today!


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